Zuckerberg’s latest Instagram post: Two black eyes and a sense of humor

Zuckerberg’s latest Instagram post: Two black eyes and a sense of humor

Mark Zuckerberg.

NEW YORK, Oct 2, (Agencies): Mark Zuckerberg proudly displays his two black eyes, the result of his recent jiu-jitsu training. The 39-year-old Meta co-founder and CEO took to Instagram on Sunday to share a selfie showingcasing his latest battle scars.

In the caption, Zuckerberg humorously wrote, “Sparring got a little out of hand. May need to update my avatar.” His sense of humor shines through as he pokes fun at the injuries he sustained during his martial arts practice.

Zuckerberg’s journey into jiu jitsu began during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he revealed in an August 2022 interview. He spoke about how the sport gave him a surge of energy and even liked it to the perfect preparation for tackling work-related challenges.

“MMA is the perfect thing,” Zuckerberg shared with podcast host Joe Rogan. “After an hour or two of working out, rolling or wrestling with friends, or training with different folks, it’s like now I’m ready to go solve whatever problem at work for the day.”

Notably, Zuckerberg credited his success in jiu-jitsu to his coach, Dave Camarillo, who played a pivotal role in helping him win gold and silver medals in his first jiu-jitsu match in May. On Facebook, Zuckerberg expressed his gratitude, writing, “Competed in my first jiu-jitsu tournament and won some medals for the Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu team. Thanks to Dave Camarillo, Khai Wu, and James Terry for training me!”

Dave Camarillo reciprocated the appreciation on Instagram, describing himself as “honored” to train, teach, and learn from his student. He praised Zuckerberg’s willingness to embrace new challenges and the transformative power of Jiu-Jitsu, emphasizing its ability to enhance determination and willpower.

Camarillo concluded his message with admiration, acknowledging Zuckerberg as an exceptional individual who inspires others with his drive and enthusiasm.

Zuckerberg returned the favor in July by congratulating Camarillo to achieve his fifth-degree black belt in the sport. He expressed gratitude for the valuable life lessons he had learned from his coach, reinforcing the bond forged through their shared passion for martial arts.

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