Enormous blue whale carcass washed ashore in Kerala

Enormous blue whale carcass washed ashore in Kerala

A massive blue whale carcass washes ashore on Kozhikode beach in Kerala.

KERALA, India, Oct 3, (Agencies): A viral video has left viewers astonished as it showcases a massive blue whale carcass washed ashore on Kozhikode Beach in Kerala. The video, which has gained widespread attention on social media, has elicited various reactions from netizens.

The video was originally shared on Instagram by user @nizamudheen on October 1, capturing the rare spectacle of a giant blue whale carcass, estimated to be around 80-100 years old, lying on the beach. In the footage, onlookers are seen gathered around the colossal carcass, marveling at its sheer size. Some individuals are also observed taking photographs and videos of the remarkable discovery.

Since its posting, the video has garnered over one lakh views and received more than 10,000 likes, accompanied by a handful of comments. Many expressed surprise and fascination upon encountering the whale carcass on the beach.

This occurrence follows a similar incident where a deceased blue whale washed up on the shores of Meghavaram village in the Santhabommali mandal of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh. Numerous social media users shared videos of individuals inspecting and interacting with the whale’s remains. Authorities identified the deceased whale as a Bryde’s whale based on distinctive physical characteristics and identifying markers.

Bryde’s whales, often referred to as tropical whales possess streamlined bodies and slender, pointed flippers, along with three noticeable ridges in front of their blowholes. Local fishermen speculated that the whale’s demise could have resulted from becoming trapped in shallow waters. This massive sea creature is estimated to weigh up to five tons and measures approximately 25 feet in length.

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