Oversight team to examine teachers’ licensing initiative

Oversight team to examine teachers’ licensing initiative

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 1: The oversight team tasked with examining the documents for the teacher’s licensing initiative in Kuwait has announced the successful completion of the preliminary draft for the teacher’s license, featuring two distinct tracks — administrative and technical, reports Al-Rai daily.

This draft is set to be presented to Dr. Adel Al-Manea, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, on Sept 30. Following this, decisions regarding the implementation date and the application process within schools will be finalized.

An educational insider disclosed to Al-Rai that the license will be applicable to educational staff members, school principals, assistant principals, and technical mentors. However, the application will vary based on the administrative and technical tracks.

Minister Al-Manea will play a crucial role in determining whether the license will exclusively apply to new teachers or extend to encompass all educational staff.

The team overseeing the review of the licensing initiative was assembled on April 9, with Dr. Fawzi Al-Dokhi, the Assistant Dean of Admission and Registration at the General Authority for Applied Education and Training and a Professor of Curricula and Teaching Methods, at its helm.

The team includes seven notable figures from the educational domain, with their roles defined in establishing the mechanism for implementing the teacher’s license and devising the field application strategy. They are also tasked with outlining the administrative, legislative, and technical prerequisites for the project.

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