Municipality refutes claims camping is allowed in Al-Ayoun and Saad Al-Abdullah

Municipality refutes claims camping is allowed in Al-Ayoun and Saad Al-Abdullah

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 15: The Kuwait Municipality’s Spring Camps Committee, marking the commencement of the camping season, has refuted claims circulating about permission for camp owners to establish camps in Al-Oyoun and Saad Al-Abdullah sites in Al-Jahra Governorate, reports Al-Rai daily.

Muhammad Al-Mutairi, the official spokesperson for the Kuwait Municipality and Director of the Public Relations Department, announced that preparations for the upcoming camping season, starting today, have been completed. The committee is now accepting reservation requests and issuing camp licenses electronically.

In a press statement, Al-Mutairi revealed that the committee, in collaboration with relevant government agencies and cooperative societies, identified two designated sites: one on Kabd Road and the other in Subbiya at the end of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge. Additionally, a lottery determined 14 locations for cooperative markets.

Al-Mutairi emphasized that citizens can submit reservation and licensing requests for spring camps starting after midnight on Wednesday via QR code. Temporary licenses will be issued for approved camping areas, contingent on compliance with General Fire Department and Ministry requirements. Campers are urged to adhere to guidelines, including environmental conservation, wildlife protection, and avoiding any harm to the aesthetic value of the surroundings.

He stressed the importance of selecting the camp location within the specified 1,000 square meters for individuals and 2,000 to 5,000 square meters for companies and agencies. Each license is issued to a fully qualified person aged at least 21, limited to one license per individual, with an obligation to notify the municipality of any site changes or camp removal. Violations may result in camp removal at the licensee’s expense, with a three-year camping license suspension.

To facilitate the application process, the municipality encourages citizens to visit their website (, click on the site reservation box, input the desired camp’s coordinates, provide the camp owner’s personal data, agree to terms, pay a non-refundable 50-dinar fee via KNET, submit a refundable 100-dinar deposit after obtaining a camp cleanliness certificate, and receive a temporary camp license for the spring season.

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