Secure your spot: Municipality announces spring camp reservations

Secure your spot: Municipality announces spring camp reservations

Kuwait Municipality opens applications for spring camp reservations tomorrow.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 14, (Agencies): The Kuwait Municipality has announced the opening of applications for reservations and the issuance of licenses for spring camps in authorized camping areas starting tomorrow at 12:00 PM.

Muhammed Al-Mutairi, the Director of Public Relations at the municipality, stated in a press release that the committee studying and updating the locations of spring camps has completed all preparations for this year’s camping season.

Al-Mutairi added that the committee concluded its meeting with representatives from relevant government entities and cooperative associations interested in establishing markets or entertainment areas to serve camping areas. It was mentioned that two locations, one on Kabd Road and the other in Subiya at the end of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge, were allocated by lottery for applicants from multiple cooperative associations. Additionally, 14 sites for cooperative associations’ markets were also determined through a lottery.

Al-Mutairi explained that the reception of reservations and licensing for spring camps will be done through a QR code to issue a temporary permit for camping in areas authorized by the municipality.

He emphasized the necessity of adhering to the conditions for setting up spring camps, including compliance with the General Fire Department’s requirements and the Ministry of Interior for everyone’s safety. It is prohibited to harm the natural environment, or wildlife, or compromise its aesthetic value.

He pointed out that hunting or killing all wild organisms is prohibited, as well as herding within camping areas. Dumping, burying, or burning waste is strictly forbidden, along with the construction of permanent structures using construction materials or digging into the ground.

Selecting a spring campsite within the municipality’s specified area of ​​1000 square meters per individual, while companies and institutions are allocated 2000 and 5000 square meters, respectively. The issuance of a permit for each site is for individuals over 21 years old.

The application process for the permit will be through the municipality’s website, entering the coordinates of the required camp, then entering the personal information of the camp owner, agreeing to the specified conditions and terms.

He added that the reservation fee is 50 Kuwaiti dinars paid electronically via (KNET) and is non-refundable and the deposit of 100 Kuwaiti dinars is refundable after obtaining the camp cleanliness certificate from the municipality with the approval of the Public Authority for the Environment.

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