Enhanced security measures implemented to regulate spring camping season

Enhanced security measures implemented to regulate spring camping season

Expatriate violators face immediate deportation and a sponsor block

The Ministry of the Interior is preparing for the spring camping season with unprecedented measures.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 15, (Agencies): In preparation for the upcoming spring camping season, the Ministry of the Interior has taken unprecedented measures to ensure the security and safety of campers and prevent unlawful activities. In a concerted effort to regulate movement and control gatherings, Brigadier General Muhammad Al-Ibrahim has announced the removal of camping sites and mobile grocery stores from the end of the Jaber Bridge. This decision aims to establish order and security in the region. Officers and individuals have been strategically deployed across desert areas to maintain security, apprehend wanted persons, and address the most prominent issues reported, including quarrels, drug abuse, drunkenness, and recklessness, particularly in the Jaber and Subiya Bridge areas.

Meshari Al-Husseini, head of the street vendors department, has outlined specific measures, including the designation of a site for “Food Truck” cars, accommodating approximately 300 of them. Prohibitions on the rental of “remnants” have been instituted, with severe consequences for violators, including vehicle seizures and financial fines. Expatriate violators caught may face immediate deportation and a block on their sponsor.

As the spring camping season begins, the Ministry of the Interior is actively intensifying preparations with a comprehensive security plan. A primary security point has been established at the end of the Jaber Bridge, involving various security units and female police officers to address women’s reports effectively.

During a tour of the security point, Al-Rai met with Brigadier General Muhammad Taher Al-Ibrahim, Director of the Operations Department in the Jahra Security Directorate. Al-Ibrahim highlighted the importance of the security point in maintaining control and order in the northern region. The Ministry, in coordination with Jahra Municipality, has allocated a site at the end of the Jaber Bridge to prevent unauthorized camping, ensuring organized camping in suitable locations.

Al-Ibrahim emphasized the coordination with authorities to distribute officers in desert areas, maintain security, and address violations of the residency law. He pointed out that the most significant reports received from Jahra Governorate operations were related to quarrels, drug use, drunkenness, and other lawless behaviors.

Mishari Al-Husseini reinforced the prohibition of groceries, permitting only owners of licensed small projects. Designated sites away from main roads have been allocated for grocery store owners to enhance safety. A gated site after the Jaber Bridge has been assigned for “Food Truck” vehicles, limiting their presence in desert areas.

Clear instructions from municipal authorities include the removal of camps without a license or rented on a daily basis, the exploitation of state lands, and the prohibition of renting remnants. Violators face consequences such as fines, vehicle confiscation, and for expatriates, immediate deportation with a block on their sponsor.

Brigadier General Taher Al-Ibrahim reported that the Jaber Bridge point recorded 191 reports in just 15 days, addressing various issues such as drug cases, the removal of mobile groceries, miscellaneous reports, and accidents. The focus remains on preventing desert areas from becoming venues for indecent or lawless gatherings that violate public morals.

Mishari Al-Husseini reported the removal of 97 camps, the seizure of 370 motorcycles, and the issuance of traffic tickets through the (Rased) program. Strict measures are in place to monitor and remove camps organizing immoral parties promptly, with a dedicated team working in coordination with the Ministry of Interior. Monitoring devices have been deployed to identify unauthorized camps, ensuring immediate removal.

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