New speed limit takes effect on Dubai-Sharjah road tomorrow

New speed limit takes effect on Dubai-Sharjah road tomorrow

Dubai and RTA enforce the Reduced speed limit on Al Itthad Road to improve traffic flow.

DUBAI, Nov 19, (Agencies): The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced a reduction in the speed limit on Al Itthad Road, a major highway connecting Dubai and Sharjah, from 100km/h to 80km/h effective November 20. The decision, made in collaboration with Dubai Police, applies to the section of Al Itthad Road stretching from the Sharjah-Dubai border to Al Garhoud Bridge. The move aims to enhance traffic flow and has been informed by a comprehensive study, considering factors such as entrances, exits, intersections, accident rates, and recent developments in the area.

To communicate the change, traffic signs along this section of Al Itthad Road have been updated, displaying the revised maximum speed of 80km/h. Red lines demarcate the start of the reduced speed zone, aligning with established traffic safety standards to increase driver awareness.

The decision to adjust the speed limit is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to regularly review speed limits on key Dubai roads, aligning with the Speed ​​Management Manual in Dubai and international best practices. The criteria for these adjustments aim to strike a balance between speed limits, traffic flow, and incident rates.

Emphasizing the importance of collaboration with Dubai Police, RTA highlighted joint preventive measures, including radar adjustments. Factors considered for speed limit modifications encompass road design speed, observed driving speeds (85th percentile speed), urbanization levels, pedestrian activity, the presence of essential facilities, historical accident data, and traffic volume on the road.

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