Rescue dog bonds with 4-year-old girl over Disney princess movies

Rescue dog bonds with 4-year-old girl over Disney princess movies

Four-year-old Zalie and rescue dog Bosco.

LOS ANGELES, Nov 19, (Agencies): Zalie, a four-year-old enchanted by Disney princess movies, shares her cinematic joy with a devoted companion, Bosco the canine. A TikTok video posted on Oct 29 captures the delightful duo, seated side by side on the couch, completely immersed in the enchanting world unfolding on the screen.

Expressing a sentiment echoed by many, Zalie’s mom, Zoe Ansary, wrote, “Every little girl needs a dog that will watch princess movies with them,” alongside the heartwarming video. The story of their connection began in February when the Ansary family, based in Oregon, decided to adopt Bosco. A neighbor’s Facebook post revealed that the rescue dog needed a new home following the passing of his previous owner.

Recalling the moment of their serendipitous connection, Ansary shares, “Within the hour, my daughter and he started watching TV together, and they just instantly bonded. And so I was like, ‘Now we have to keep him.’”

Describing a poignant scene, she adds, “It was really cold and wintery, and we came inside, and my daughter put on an animal show, and he laid his head on her head, and they just were glued to the TV.” The touching moment was captured on film because, as Ansary notes, “I’ve never seen a dog watch TV before.”

The husband’s current favorite movie is Frozen, and they also enjoy The Lion King, Tangled, and Homeward Bound. In contrast, Ansary’s older daughter, 7-year-old Izzy, has different cinematic preferences, leaning towards Guardians of the Galaxy and recently finding delight in The Haunted Mansion.

According to Ansary, Bosco’s interest in the movies goes beyond mere curiosity. “Anything that they watch, he watches with them,” she says, emphasizing that Bosco often seems “more interested than us” in the on-screen narratives.

In the Ansary household, Bosco has evolved into more than just a pet; he’s akin to a little brother to Zalie and Izzy. Explaining the dynamics, Ansary says, “We just have girls in the family, so adopting a boy dog ​​has kind of been adopting a little brother.” She further describes Bosco as a bundle of high energy, quirky yet incredibly loving. His penchant for cuddling is evident as he insists on having his head on one of the girls or a family member during any cozy activity.

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