Aid collected for Gaza, Campaign bags KD 733,495

Aid collected for Gaza, Campaign bags KD 733,495

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 18: Al-Salam Humanitarian and Charitable Works Association concluded its “We Are All Gaza” campaign with a direct financial harvest amounting to 733,495 Kuwaiti dinars, through the fundraising link that it launched with the approval and supervision of the Ministry of Social Affairs at ten in the morning and continued until ten in the evening, with great and effective public and popular participation.

The Chairman of the Society’s Board of Directors, Dr. Nabil Al-Aoun, told Al-Rai, “We started the “We are all Gaza” campaign about a month ago, and we succeeded, thanks to God, in flying 21 relief planes for our brothers in Gaza, and the Peace Society in cooperation with the International Islamic Organization, the Kuwaiti Red Crescent, and the Kuwaiti Relief Society, and in partnership with the International Islamic Charitable Organization, we flew 8 planes, and we have one plane that will take off Sunday and another that will take off next Tuesday. He added that these planes will contain first-class quality aid and will contain ambulances and refrigerators operating according to the solar energy system, in addition to large diesel “electric generator” machines with a capacity of 250,000, of which we have prepared 7 machines, in addition to more than 20 new blankets ready, and more than 50,000. A piece of clothing for children and adults, “jackets” for the winter, food supplies, dates, and other qualitative relief aid will be launched through the air bridge on upcoming flights.

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