Violent vacation: Wife’s punch ends husband’s life in India

Violent vacation: Wife’s punch ends husband’s life in India

Wife’s punch ends husband’s life over vacation fight in India.

INDIA, Nov 25, (Agencies): In a tragic incident, a 36-year-old man lost his life following an altercation with his wife, who allegedly punched him on the nose after he refused to take her to Dubai for her birthday celebration . The shocking incident unfolded at the couple’s residence in a posh residential society in Pune’s Wanavdi area on Friday.

The victim, identified as Nikhil Khanna, a businessman in the construction industry, had entered into a love marriage with his wife, Renuka (38), six years ago.

A senior police officer from the Wanavdi Police station shared details, stating, “The incident occurred on Friday afternoon. Preliminary investigations reveal that the couple had a heated argument because Nikhil didn’t fulfill Renuka’s desire to celebrate her birthday in Dubai and didn’t present her with expensive gifts on her birthday and anniversary. Renuka was also dissatisfied with Nikhil’s response regarding her wish to travel to Delhi to celebrate the birthdays of some relatives.”

As the altercation escalated, Renuka allegedly punched Nikhil in the face with such force that it resulted in a broken nose and some teeth, causing heavy bleeding and leading to Nikhil losing consciousness.

Subsequently, the police have registered a case against Renuka under IPC Section 302 and arrested her for further investigation into the tragic incident.

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