Indian to be extradited to Oman for Alleged Murder

Indian to be extradited to Oman for Alleged Murder

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: An Indian national accused of the murder of an Omani family, including three minor children, will be extradited to Oman to face trial. The Delhi High Court has upheld the extradition decision made by the Government of India, marking a crucial step in the pursuit of justice for the victims. The accused, Majibullah Mohammad Haneef, had been wanted by Omani authorities for the alleged premeditated murder felony, an offense punishable under Article 302-A of the Penal Code of Oman. The incident took place on July 31, 2019, when an Omani national, along with his wife and three young children, were found dead in their home. Justice Amit Bansal presided over the case and dismissed Haneef’s petition challenging the Indian government’s decision to extradite him in response to Oman’s request. Justice Bansal noted that India has an extradition treaty with Oman, which stipulates that individuals accused of offenses punishable under the laws of both countries with imprisonment for not less than one year or more severe penalties shall be subject to extradition.

The court took into account Oman’s assurance to the Indian government that the accused would receive a fair and just trial. The Omani authorities pledged to provide him with legal representation and an interpreter, ensuring that he can effectively participate in both the investigation and the subsequent trial. This development follows a series of events, including the accused being arrested in India in 2020, and the Indian government granting Oman’s request for his extradition in 2021

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