Divorce on the Rise: Examining the Increase Among Kuwaiti Degree-Holders

Divorce on the Rise: Examining the Increase Among Kuwaiti Degree-Holders

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: The latest statistics issued by the Sharia Documentation Department in the Ministry of Justice revealed that the number of Kuwaiti-Kuwaiti marriages from the beginning of January until the end of October 2023 reached 7,300, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily obtained a copy of the statistics showing that the number of Kuwaiti men who got married to non-Kuwaiti women totaled 1,100; while 420 Kuwaiti women got married to non-Kuwaitis, 170 non-Kuwaiti men got married to non-Kuwaiti women and 48 Kuwaiti women got married to Bedoun men.

The highest number of marriage and divorce cases recorded is among university degree holders. Divorce among Kuwaitis is prevalent among couples with a smaller number of children, considering that the highest number is among couples with only one child — a total of 650 divorce cases in the last 10 months. The lowest number of divorce cases is among Kuwaiti couples with many children — 130 among couples with six children, 320 among those with four children. The statistics disclosed that the highest number of marriages between Kuwaiti men and non-Kuwaiti women under a marriage contract inside Kuwait are women from Saudi Arabia — 380 Kuwaiti men got married to Saudi women, eight to American women, nine to African women, 98 to Moroccan women, 117 to Asian women, 38 to Egyptian women, 63 to Syrian women, 97 to Iraqi women, 50 to Jordanian women, 15 to European women, 36 to Lebanese women, three to Palestinian women, 15 to Bahraini women, four to Qatari women, one to an Omani woman and one marriage to an Emirati woman.

On the marriage of Kuwaiti women to non-Kuwaiti men, the statistics revealed that 200 Kuwaiti women got married to Saudi Arabians, nine to Europeans, 11 to Americans, 20 to Asians, 21 to Iraqis, 16 to Syrians, nine to Jordanians, 11 to Egyptians, five to Africans, two to Lebanese, eight to Bahrainis, 25 to Qataris, 13 to Emiratis and eight to Omanis. The highest number of marriages among Kuwaitis in terms of educational level is the university graduates with 2,500; 46 with primary school diplomas are married to various nationalities, those with intermediate diploma among Kuwaiti-Kuwaiti marriages reached 760, two are illiterates — a university graduate woman married an illiterate man and an illiterate man married a woman with an intermediate certificate.

The number of marriages among Kuwaitis with higher degrees reached 21, compared to 200 among doctorate degree holders with various types of specialization. The number of marriages among Kuwaiti women to men of various nationalities with different academic degrees reached 105. In addition; 4,100 of more than 200,000 marriage contracts recorded by the Public Authority for Civil Information ended in divorce, while 364 of those who got married in the current year got divorced. Most of these divorce cases were recorded among university students with 800, 61 among those with primary school education, and nine illiterate people of various nationalities.

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