S. African platinum mine lift plunge kills 11

S. African platinum mine lift plunge kills 11

11 miners dead, 75 injured in Rustenburg elevator plunge in South Africa.

JOHANNESBURG, Nov 28, (Agencies): In a devastating incident at the Rustenburg mine, northwest of Johannesburg, 11 miners lost their lives and 75 others sustained injuries when an elevator at the Impala Platinum mine plunged 200 meters. The fatal event occurred during the transport of over 80 employees to the surface at the end of their shift on Monday.

Impala Platinum, also known as Implats, reported that the lift unexpectedly descended in what they termed a “devastating accident.” The mine shaft, which is 1,000 meters deep, saw the elevator drop 200 meters before safety mechanisms halted its rapid descent.

Implats CEO Nico Muller expressed deep shock and sorrow, declaring it as the darkest day in the company’s history. He extended condolences to the families affected and assured ongoing support for those impacted by the tragedy.

While 75 injured workers were admitted to local hospitals, Implats confirmed that all 86 employees involved had been accounted for after the completion of rescue operations. However, all mining activities at the site were temporarily suspended as an investigation was initiated.

Trade unions raised concerns about safety measures at the mine, with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa questioning health and safety protocols. Geoffrey Moatshe from the National Union Of Mineworkers emphasized the need for regular checks on shaft lifts to prevent such incidents.

Mine accidents are unfortunately common in South Africa, where a significant workforce is employed in the industry. The Minerals Council South Africa reported 41 miner deaths since the beginning of the year. The country, home to the world’s deepest mines, is a major exporter of various raw materials, including gold, diamonds, and coal.

South Africa’s mining sector has seen improvements in safety standards over the past two decades, but incidents like this serve as stark reminders of the ongoing challenges. The latest accident follows the Rustenburg Implats mine mudslide in 2021, where at least three workers lost their lives.

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