Manila Zoo’s famous elephant ‘Mali’dies

Manila Zoo’s famous elephant ‘Mali’dies


MANILA, Philippines, Nov 29, (Agencies): On Tuesday, Nov 28, the renowned elephant at Manila Zoo, Vishwa Ma’ali, affectionately known as Mali, passed away, as confirmed by the Manila Zoological and Botanical Parks. Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan, saddened by the news, rushed to the zoo upon learning of Mali’s demise, which occurred at 3:45 pm.

Mayor Lacuna-Pangan mentioned that city veterinarians are currently engaged in a necropsy to unravel the cause behind the elephant’s passing. A solemn atmosphere enveloped Mali’s enclosure, shrouded by a blue curtain to mark the mourning of its loss.

Mali held a special place as the only surviving elephant in the country, entrusted to the care of the City of Manila since May 1981. The city government expressed the significance of Mali’s presence and the void left by its departure.

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