Hostel fire kills 13 people in Kazakhstan

Hostel fire kills 13 people in Kazakhstan

KAZAKHSTAN, Nov 30: A tragic incident unfolded in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan, as a fire at a hostel claimed the lives of at least 13 individuals, according to the city’s Department of Emergency Situations. The distressing event occurred on Adi Sharipova Street, with the emergency response initiated at 5:33 am local time on November 30. The initial report revealed that the fire had originated in the basement of a three-story apartment building, which had been repurposed into a hostel on the first floor and basement.

A hostel fire leaves 13 dead in Almatythe capital of Kazakhstan.

Upon the first unit’s arrival within seven minutes, the fire had already engulfed an area of ​​30 square meters (323 square feet). The department successfully localized the fire by 6:22 am local time. Tragically, during reconnaissance and firefighting efforts, 13 fatalities were discovered, with preliminary assessments attributing the cause of death to smoke inhalation.

Approximately 72 people were present in the hostel at the time, with 59 managing to evacuate independently. The ongoing response involves 46 firefighters and 13 fire engines working diligently to extinguish the fire, as confirmed by the department.

The akimat of Almaty, the city’s mayor’s office, reported that three individuals had been transported to a hospital as a result of the fire. By 8:40 am local time, 59 people had been successfully evacuated, and three of them received medical attention. The akimat further stated that 56 individuals are currently temporarily housed in a nearby school, where they are provided with hot meals and medical as well as psychological support. Plans are in place to accommodate the evacuated individuals in the city’s hotels within the next hour. The community grapples with the aftermath of this devastating incident, emphasizing the critical need for ongoing support and care for those affected.

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