Crackdown on traffic violations: 70 direct violations

Crackdown on traffic violations: 70 direct violations

Ministry of Interior’s traffic campaigns resulted in 10 vehicle seizures, 70 violation citations, and 3 reckless persons being referred to traffic court.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: The Ministry of Interior has reported significant achievements in its ongoing efforts, conducted in collaboration with the Public Security Sector and the Traffic and Operations Sector, to apprehend outlaws and enforce traffic laws. Notably, security deployments and targeted traffic campaigns in the Wafra and Sulaibiya areas have resulted in the seizure of three vehicles involved in reckless acts.

The detained vehicles, along with their drivers, have been promptly referred to the traffic police as part of the preparatory procedures for presenting them to court on traffic-related charges.

In a parallel initiative, the Capital Governorate Traffic Department conducted a thorough traffic campaign on the Second Ring Road and Damascus Road. This operation led to the issuance of 70 direct traffic violations, emphasizing the authorities’ commitment to upholding traffic regulations. Additionally, seven vehicles were impounded due to disruptive exhaust noises. All impounded vehicles have been directed to the traffic impoundment garage, and necessary legal measures are being taken against the drivers responsible for the violations. This comprehensive action aims to ensure road safety, deter reckless driving behavior, and maintain order on the roads. The Ministry of Interior continues to prioritize public safety through stringent enforcement measures and targeted campaigns

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