Flexible hours unveiled: Civil Service Bureau adopts new working schedule

Flexible hours unveiled: Civil Service Bureau adopts new working schedule

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: Dr. Issam Saad Al-Rubaian, the Head of the Civil Service Bureau, has issued an internal circular, No. 13 of 2023, introducing a flexible working hours system. The key provisions of the circular are outlined as follows:

Kuwait Civil Service Bureau introduces a new flexible working hours system.
  1. Official Working Hours:
    • The official working hours on regular working days will be 7 hours.
    • Employees are permitted to start their work between seven and nine in the morning.
    • The employee must complete 7 working hours based on their arrival time, adhering to legally mandated break periods.
  2. Grace Period:
    • A 30-minute grace period starts after nine o’clock in the morning.
    • Employees have the right to leave 30 minutes before the specified departure time if they arrive on time without using the grace period.
    • Female employees are granted an additional 15-minute grace period for departure.
    • The grace period cannot be split between arrival and departure.
  3. Late Arrival Calculation:
    • Minutes of delay at the beginning of the workday are calculated after the last attendance time.
    • The grace period for starting work after nine-thirty in the morning is considered.
  4. Call-In Hours:
    • Hours for calling in at the start of work are calculated from the time specified by the employee between seven and nine in the morning.
  5. Exemptions:
    • The regulations in sections one and two do not apply to employees subject to reduced working hours for legally prescribed reasons or those under the partial absence without pay system.
    • Affected employees must consult the Administrative Affairs Department to determine suitable work hours from the provided options.
  6. Effective Date:
    • The circular will take effect from December 3, 2023.
    • The provisions of Civil Service Council Resolution No. 41 of 2006 and External Court Resolution No. 3 of 2023 remain unaffected.

This circular aims to introduce flexibility in working hours, providing employees with options while ensuring adherence to legal and organizational standards.

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