Kuwait Shuts Down Counterfeit Goods Stores in Major Raid

Kuwait Shuts Down Counterfeit Goods Stores in Major Raid

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 29:The Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Commercial Control Department took swift action in Jahra, closing three stores and a large warehouse selling counterfeit international brands. The license holder of one store has been referred to the Public Prosecution for violating the law.

Information received by the ministry’s inspectors revealed a merchant distributing counterfeit goods in bulk to various markets, including Mubarakiya, Salmiya, Egaila, and Farwaniya. The seized items, including clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories, were valued at 120,000 dinars and were slated for distribution. Commerce officials underscored the serious threat counterfeit goods pose to the national economy, consumers, and brand owners, emphasizing the need to maintain rigorous market monitoring to curb this illicit trade.

In a commendable effort, Kuwait successfully removed its name from the intellectual property protection watchlist due to continuous progress in safeguarding intellectual property. The Ministry’s intensified monitoring, particularly concerning counterfeit goods and commercial fraud, played a pivotal role in this achievement. Officials emphasized their commitment to upholding legal specifications and protecting consumers, acknowledging that combatting counterfeit goods is essential to safeguarding the country’s economic interests and maintaining a reputation conducive to foreign investment and innovation.

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