Couple's garden ornament turns out to be unexploded bomb

Couple's garden ornament turns out to be unexploded bomb

Garden Surprise: Couple stunned to learn their ornament conceals an unexploded bomb.

LONDON, Dec 4: A couple residing in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, unknowingly shared their home with a 64lb naval bomb, believing it to be a garden ornament for over 40 years. Jeffrey and Sian Edwards painted the bomb red to match their windowsills, with Mrs. Edwards even using her trowel on it during gardening. The bomb, dating back to 1880-1890, was originally discovered by previous occupants 70 years ago, known as the Morris family. Pops Morris found it on Broad Haven beach, brought it home on his horse and cart, and embedded it in cement.

The Edwards, who moved in 1982, remained oblivious to the bomb's potential danger until a police officer visited last week. Prompted by a request from the Ministry of Defense, the officer photographed the device, and soon the bomb squad was scheduled to arrive the following day. Despite the potential risks and discussions of evacuating the street, the couple decided to stay put, expressing, “If the house goes up, we are going up with it.”

An x-ray revealed the bomb still containing a small charge, prompting the bomb disposal experts to carefully extract it from the concrete. Under police escort, the bomb was transported to a quarry in Walwyn's Castle, where it was covered with five tons of sand and safely detonated the next day. Reflecting on the unusual part of their lives, Mr. Edwards expressed mixed emotions, saying, “I was sorry to see it go. It's been part of my life all those years. It was sad to think of being blown to smithereens.”

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