Egyptians vote on day 2 to elect new president

Egyptians vote on day 2 to elect new president

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 2: For the second day in a row, the Egyptian presidential elections was held in the State of Kuwait for the members of the Egyptian community at the headquarters of the Interim Electoral Committee in Hall 4B of the Mishref Fairgrounds to elect the next president of Egypt. The Egyptian Ambassador to the State of Kuwait Osama Shaltout explained that the people of Egypt in Kuwait are always at the forefront of the communities and have a sense of patriotism and active participation in drawing the map of Egypt’s future and choosing the captain of the ship in the coming years to cross it to safety.

He said, “The Arab region is going through very delicate circumstances that require the solidarity of all its people, either as countries or as people. We are going through a very delicate stage in the nation’s history that requires us to actively participate and make a good choice about who will represent Egypt during the coming period. The members of the Egyptian community in Kuwait enjoy their high patriotic sense of Egypt’s issues, and they are indeed a model for Egyptian communities abroad to follow. The exhibition grounds were carefully chosen due to its location in the middle of various areas of Kuwait, the ease of access to this location, the availability of public and private transportation, and the presence of large spaces for parking private cars or buses.”

The Egyptian Ambassador Osama Shaltout thanked the government of the State of Kuwait, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society for providing all facilities to facilitate all procedures. Meanwhile, the Consul General Ambassador Dr. Heba Zaki expressed her happiness with the wide participation of the people of Egypt in Kuwait during the first hours on the first day of the elections. She highlighted the great keenness of the people of the Egyptian community in Kuwait to participate positively and paint the true picture of Egyptians abroad. Dr. Zaki stressed that many Egyptian families were keen to be present early in the morning with their children to see that beautiful picture and express their love for their country Egypt. She described the election day as “a day in love with Egypt.” Dr. Zaki said she is expecting large number of voters to arrive throughout the three days, especially families, adding that, “This is what great Egypt deserves from all of us.”

By Fares Al-Abdan
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

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