Justice Served: Criminal Court Hands Down 20 And 15-Year Sentences

Justice Served: Criminal Court Hands Down 20 And 15-Year Sentences

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced two individuals to prison terms of 20 years and 15 years respectively after convicting them of killing a young Kuwaiti citizen by causing the latter’s vehicle to overturn after colliding with it in Subbiya.

According to the case files, the family of the young man who died in a traffic accident on Subbiya Road had presented pictures that he had taken with his phone before the collision, which showed the driver of a Jeep Wrangler and his friend stealing his vehicle.

The victim’s brother stated to the security authorities that he found pictures on his brother’s phone, specifically within the “Snapchat” application, which revealed that the incident began in front of the mobile grocery stores located at the end of the Jaber Causeway. They also proved that the victim’s vehicle was stolen, and he was subjected to an intentional collision. His brother explained that the victim went to one of the grocery stores, leaving his vehicle running. He then saw a person getting inside his car and stealing it. He immediately stopped another vehicle and asked its driver to help him chase the thief.

The driver of the car in pursuit followed the accused until the latter realized that he was being followed. He immediately stopped by the road side, stepped out of the stolen vehicle, waved a knife at them before he got into another car in which he was before stealing the car of the victim, and left. The victim then took his vehicle and went on his way, but the suspect returned. He headed towards him and harassed him on the road. The victim then took the road in the opposite direction to go to the nearest security point, and made two calls to the Control Room. However, the suspects insisted on chasing him and intentionally crashing into his vehicle several times in a dangerous place, causing it to overturn, which led to his death.

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