Magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits south of Istanbul, no injuries

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake hits south of Istanbul, no injuries

On Monday, a 5.1 magnitude quake shook south of Istanbul.

ISTANBUL, Turkey, Dec 4: On Monday, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck just south of Istanbul, causing noticeable tremors in Turkey's largest city. Fortunately, there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The earthquake's epicenter was identified in Gemlik Bay, located about 60 kilometers (35 miles) south of Istanbul, near the city of Bursa, as reported by the AFAD emergencies service.

Both the Asian and European sides of Istanbul experienced the shaking, with vibrating walls, prompting people to evacuate to the streets for safety, as seen in television images. Istanbul is positioned near the North Anatolian Fault, one of the most active fault lines globally, raising concerns about seismic activity.

The city has a tragic history of earthquakes, with a devastating 7.6-magnitude quake in 1999 on the eastern outskirts claiming the lives of over 17,000 people. Since then, Istanbul's population has approximately doubled, reaching 16 million people. This recent earthquake serves as a reminder of the constant seismic threat faced by the city.

Notably, earlier in February, two major earthquakes struck southeastern Turkey, resulting in the loss of more than 50,000 lives. These quakes caused extensive damage, destroying or damaging tens of thousands of buildings across multiple cities. The heightened seismic vulnerability underscores the ongoing challenges posed by earthquakes in the region.

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