House sale for high seas: Tragic tale of a would-be passenger on a canceled cruise

House sale for high seas: Tragic tale of a would-be passenger on a canceled cruise

WASHINGTON, Dec 5, (Agencies): A woman who had eagerly planned to embark on Life at Sea Cruises' ambitious three-year journey found herself in a heartbreaking situation when the cruise, scheduled to depart from Istanbul, Turkey, on Nov 1, was officially canceled in November. Reports indicate that the devastated passenger, Meredith Shay, had sold her home in anticipation of the voyage, for which she had paid $562,000 for a seventh-floor balcony cabin on the ship.

The cruise was set to visit seven continents, 135 countries, and 375 ports, promising an unprecedented global exploration. However, after two postponements, Life at Sea announced the cancellation on Nov 17, citing the unavailability of a suitable ship for the journey.

Shay, a former flight attendant residing in Florida, had planned to board the cruise in the Bahamas on Nov 15 and had dreams of exploring Namibia, the Seychelles, and the coast of India. The prospect of not having to cook or drive for three years was an added allure for her.

Upon learning of the cancellation, Shay recounted her initial reaction, describing a period of devastation and sadness. She had sold many of her belongings in preparation for the voyage, and the sight of her meticulously packed possessions at a warehouse brought back the waves of disappointment.

Passengers, including Shay, were reportedly in disbelief, having made significant life decisions and preparations for the unique journey. Shay was the first to sign up for the world voyage when Miray International, the cruise line's owner, initially started accepting bookings for the MV Gemini ship. However, the company later decided to acquire a larger ship, the AIDAaura (to be renamed the MV Lara), causing delays.

Ultimately, the sale fell through, and Celestyal Cruises purchased the ship on Nov 16. Life at Sea's former CEO, Kendra Holmes, announced the cruise's cancellation in a video given to passengers on Nov 17. Vedat Ugurlu, the owner of Miray International, later He explained in a message on November 19 that the company faced financial challenges and investor withdrawal, leading to the cancellation. Miray International pledged to refund the disappointed passengers who had signed up for the ill-fated cruise.

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