Kuwait-Russia relations on the rise: Putin

Kuwait-Russia relations on the rise: Putin

Putin during the ceremony of accepting the credentials of ambassadors in the Kremlin, Dec 4;

MOSCOW, Dec 6: Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized the positive trajectory of relations between Russia and Kuwait, characterizing them as constructive. Speaking during the credential acceptance ceremony for newly appointed foreign ambassadors, he underscored the priority placed on enhancing bilateral trade, economic, and investment cooperation. Putin expressed a keen interest in strengthening foreign policy cooperation, underlining the shared positions on various regional and international issues.

“Relationships with the State of Kuwait are developing in a constructive manner. We attach priority importance to building up bilateral trade, economic and investment cooperation, and are interested in strengthening foreign policy cooperation, which is based on the traditional similarity of positions on a wide range of issues on the regional and international agenda,” stated the president. .

Given Kuwait's membership in OPEC, Putin highlighted the ongoing coordination of energy policy positions between Russia and the country. The emphasis remains on fostering mutually beneficial relationships and aligning strategies to address shared challenges on both the regional and global fronts.

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