Arrests Made in Arson Case Involving Judge’s Vehicle

Arrests Made in Arson Case Involving Judge’s Vehicle

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4:  Security personnel dedicated to combating criminal activities worked discreetly to monitor the culprits without disrupting the ongoing investigation process. Under the meticulous guidance of His Excellency, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, the combined efforts of the Criminal Security Sector, the Capital Governorate Investigation Department, and the Financial Crimes Department successfully unraveled the mystery surrounding the arson attack on Cassation Court Judge, Sultan Burasli’s vehicle.

Confiscated items during raid

The incident prompted intensified search and investigation operations, leading to the collection of crucial evidence and identification of the accused individuals. Collaborating with the Special Forces, the law enforcement teams secured the arrest of the suspects following the required authorization from the competent Public Prosecution. Further scrutiny revealed that the defendants possessed prior criminal convictions, and a substantial amount of narcotics, firearms, and cash were confiscated from their possession. Ongoing investigations into the incident are nearing completion, and both the accused individuals and the seized items are in the process of being handed over to the relevant authorities.

The Ministry of Interior emphasizes its commitment to discreetly monitor perpetrators, safeguarding the integrity of the investigation process. It underscores that the vigilant personnel of the Ministry are always on alert, ready to thwart any attempts to undermine the nation’s security or violate the rights of its citizens.

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