Kuwait keen on elevating aviation infrastructure to global standards

Kuwait keen on elevating aviation infrastructure to global standards

KUWAIt CITY, Dec 7: Kuwait’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation affirmed on Thursday the State of Kuwait’s significant commitment to advancing the infrastructure of the air transport sector. This dedication involves adopting the highest international standards within the civil aviation industry. Saad Al-Otaibi, Deputy Director General for Planning and Projects Affairs, conveyed this commitment in a statement to KUNA on World Civil Aviation Day, observed on December 7, commemorating the 1944 signing of the International Civil Aviation Convention, also known as the Chicago Charter.

Al-Otaibi underscored Kuwait’s active participation in celebrating this crucial day in aviation globally, urging strengthened cooperation for the benefit of people and nations. He highlighted “Civil Aviation’s” adoption of a comprehensive strategy aligned with the aviation sector’s future. The strategy adheres to the regulations and procedures set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Emphasis was placed on the importance of enhancing the competencies of national cadres, maximizing state revenues from this sector, and ensuring heightened safety and aviation security standards.

Al-Otaibi noted that Civil Aviation consistently supports ICAO’s programs and policies, keeping abreast of international best practices. Kuwait boasts a long-standing history as a contracting member of ICAO since 1960. Expressing optimism, Al-Otaibi anticipated the approval of legislation to transform Civil Aviation into an independent technical body, anticipating a qualitative shift in the sector’s system and the realization of goals outlined in the general strategy.

He advocated for the application of the principle of liberalizing the skies and the involvement of the international private sector in economic projects at airports. Such initiatives are expected to enhance service quality and the efficiency of national cadres. Established in April 1948, ICAO, a United Nations organization headquartered in Montreal is dedicated to developing air navigation foundations and techniques. Its mission is to advance the air transport industry’s security, safety, and growth.

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