New electoral system without proportionality: Key developments unveiled

New electoral system without proportionality: Key developments unveiled

A photo from the meeting of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: In a significant development, the Parliamentary Legislative Committee, as reported by the “Political Reforms” portal, has reached a conclusive vision on amending the electoral system. The proposed changes aim to reconcile various parliamentary proposals, introducing a new system that incorporates both list and individual components without proportionality.

According to informed parliamentary sources, the committee’s vision settled during its meeting yesterday, is set to be put to a final vote scheduled for next Sunday. The aim is to have the amended electoral system officially included in the parliamentary session slated for the 19th of this month. This aligns with the legislative map agreed upon between the government and representatives.

Under the proposed system, lists will consist of a minimum of 5 candidates and a maximum of 7 candidates. This allows candidates to choose between running as part of a list or independently. The top 10 candidates with the highest number of votes will be declared the winners, introducing a major shift from the current proportional representation system.

In explaining the details of the proposed changes, the sources emphasized that the list system will follow the existing majority system rather than a proportional one. Voters will have the right to cast two votes, one for a preferred list and another for an independent candidate. Importantly, a voter can be satisfied with casting only one vote, whether for a list or an individual candidate.

These reforms mark a significant step towards a more inclusive and flexible electoral system, addressing key concerns and incorporating various perspectives from parliamentary proposals. The final vote on Sunday will determine the fate of these proposed changes and potentially reshape the electoral landscape.

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