Kuwait Coast Guard Thwarts Massive Hashish Smuggling

Kuwait Coast Guard Thwarts Massive Hashish Smuggling

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 11: Kuwait Coast Guard successfully thwarted a drug smuggling operation, preventing the entry of approximately 40 kilograms of hashish valued at 150,000 Kuwaiti dinars into the country. The Ministry of Interior’s ongoing commitment to combat drug dealers and smugglers saw the General Administration of the Coast Guard, through its Maritime Security Department, intercepting a boat with five defendants attempting to transport narcotics by sea. Upon receiving information about prohibited materials on a boat within Kuwait’s territorial waters, a task force from the Maritime Security Department was deployed to monitor and investigate.

The interception took place within territorial waters, leading to the discovery of a jar containing around 40 kilograms of hashish, estimated to be worth 150,000 Kuwaiti dinars. Confronted with the seized evidence, the defendants confessed to their involvement in the drug smuggling attempt. They are now undergoing the necessary legal procedures as they are referred to the appropriate authority. The Ministry of Interior reiterates its ongoing security efforts to apprehend those involved in narcotic substance trafficking, aiming to protect society from the dangers posed by these illicit activities.

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