Kuwait records 4,500 heart attacks in last 7 months

Kuwait records 4,500 heart attacks in last 7 months

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 14: The President of the Gulf Heart Association and member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Heart Foundation Dr. Muhammad Zubaid has announced the preparation of a study to monitor the causes of heart diseases and chronic diseases in the country.

In a press statement issued on the sidelines of the inauguration of the 15th Conference of the Gulf Heart Association, which was held with the cooperation of the Kuwait Heart Foundation, Dr. Zubaid revealed that 4,500 acute heart attacks were recorded in government hospitals in the last seven months.

He indicated that the study began on May 15, and will continue until the number of participants in it is approximately 10,000 patients, adding that the stage of research into the causes and identification of age groups and others will then begin.

Revealing that one heart transplant operation was performed in Kuwait last year, and another this year, Dr. Zubaid said he is anticipating a boom in heart transplant operations in the country with the cooperation of the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, for the benefit of patients and the improvement of Gulf health services.

He explained that the conference will include discussions on many important topics to raise the level of community awareness on how to deal with heart attacks. The conference includes participants from various Gulf countries and a number of Arab and foreign countries, as well as Gulf heart societies. They will discuss the latest developments in heart diseases, as well as the diseases that pertain to the GCC countries and the difficulties faced in dealing with them.

About 20 percent of heart attack patients arrive at the hospital in ambulances, compared to 90 percent in European countries. This affects the speed of treatment and reflects the need to intensify the aspect of awareness on ways to deal with heart attacks.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death locally, in the Gulf, and globally as well. In Kuwait and other Gulf countries, the main causes of the disease are smoking and the high rate of chronic diseases.

Kuwait has worked over the past 15 years to provide medicines for all chronic diseases in all its facilities, including primary health care centers and public hospitals, in order to make it easier for the patient to obtain medicine at any time and from anywhere, which reduces the rates of heart disease.

Dr. Zubaid said, “The Gulf Heart Association, which was established 21 years ago, is proud of what it has provided throughout its journey. It has realized many achievements, including encouraging scientific research related to heart diseases, and supporting doctors to conduct research.

It cooperated with the European Heart Association, the American Heart Association, and the World Heart Association. This cooperation recently resulted in enabling cardiologists working in the Arabian Gulf region to take the European Heart Association exam. This will have a significant impact in opening the way for doctors to obtain prestigious and recognized certificates.

The Gulf Heart Association has been holding these scientific conferences, which enable doctors in the region to meet and discuss diseases specific to our environment, discuss our aspirations and the difficulties we may face, and celebrate the successes we achieve.”

In addition, the Secretary General of the Kuwait Heart Foundation Dr. Rashid Al-Awaish gave a speech during the opening of the conference in which he said the number of participants from outside the country exceeded 90 participants.

He indicated that the association, through the conference, seeks to improve medical services by discussing the latest findings of specialized research in the field of heart diseases.

Dr. Al-Awaish affirmed the keenness of the foundation, since its inception in 1982, to spread awareness and knowledge among people about the importance of maintaining a healthy heart and avoiding everything that leads to heart disease

He said, “Besides its awareness campaigns, the foundation has sought to conduct field tests for everyone who wishes to undergo these tests, through the mobile unit, which was provided with all specialized medical supplies and personnel.”

By Marwa Al-Bahrawi
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

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