54,000 prepaid smart meters, 130,000 smart meters, more to come

54,000 prepaid smart meters, 130,000 smart meters, more to come

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 16: Eng. Saud Al-Hayyan, Director of the Automated Customer Services Center Department in the Customer Services Sector at the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, has announced a major milestone in the modernization of Kuwait’s energy infrastructure. The conversion of 5,400 smart meters to prepaid meters in Hawalli Governorate marks a strategic move towards enhanced consumer control and service efficiency.

Al-Hayyan highlighted the shift towards prepaid meters as a means of empowering customers to manage their own energy consumption, contributing to rationalization efforts. The amounts collected since the initiation of the electricity connection with the Ministry of Interior have reached an impressive 11,224 million dinars, involving 97,786 customers.

The Customer Services Sector is actively working to update data and transition to smart meters, with 130,000 smart meters already installed out of a planned 200,000. Al-Hayyan emphasized that this transition is not only about consumer empowerment but also includes a broader plan to install smart meters in state schools and mosques in the near future.

The prepaid meters offer consumers greater control, allowing them to manage services through the ministry’s website, customer service offices, or the ministry’s application. Al-Hayyan outlined that these efforts are part of a larger plan targeting various sectors, including commercial, investment, and private housing.

Al-Hayyan underlined the Ministry of Electricity’s commitment to digital transformation through the Sahel application, offering a total of 19 electronic services to citizens and residents. The application, a cornerstone in the country’s digital evolution, has contributed significantly to the ministry’s financial growth and increased service efficiency.

The financial impact of digital transformation is evident, with the Sahel application playing a crucial role in collecting amounts owed to the ministry. Al-Hayyan emphasized the positive returns, both financial and environmental, citing the program “Hafiz” as a catalyst for changing consumer behavior and promoting energy conservation.

“Hafiz” is designed to encourage a saving behavioral pattern among customers in private housing, offering monetary incentives and positive environmental impact. Launched in 2021, the program has already yielded notable returns for participating customers.

In addressing the challenges faced by the Ministry, Al-Hayyan emphasized the importance of timely debt collection. The ministry utilizes various means, including applications, Sahel, and warnings, to reach customers and encourage prompt payment. Al-Hayyan urged customers to settle their dues promptly, highlighting the ministry’s commitment to issuing regular invoices and adopting a proactive approach to bill payments.

The ministry’s current strategy focuses on preventing bill accumulations and addressing challenges such as uncooperative customers, incorrect readings, and difficulties accessing homes. Al-Hayyan assured the public of the ministry’s dedication to resolving these challenges and ensuring a seamless and efficient energy service for all.

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