Forensics to the fore in theft case lodged

Forensics to the fore in theft case lodged

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 12: The Deputy Public Prosecutor has instructed a forensic team to collect fingerprints from inside a car to identify its occupants and determine whether anyone other than the owner had used it, reports Al-Anba daily. This happened after a report was filed on the same day by the owner, who reported the theft of the vehicle and car breakin. The two cases, interconnected but categorized differently and classified as a felony at Al-Mutla’a police station, and the theft of a vehicle reported at Jahra police station, classified as a misdemeanor.

The complaint was filed by a Gulf national born in 1967 who reported that while he was at the farmhouse at the pilgrims’ rest house in the afternoon, he saw a man carrying a sheep from inside his tent. The thief wearing a national dress, escaped leaving behind a green four-wheel-drive and a mobile phone after placing the stolen sheep in his vehicle.

The second case involves a citizen born in 1998 reporting the theft of his SUV, which also had his mobile phone inside. Interestingly, this stolen vehicle was the same one used in the earlier sheep theft incident. The owner claimed that two individuals, riding in a white SUV, were responsible for the theft. Though the case is intricate, the security source mentioned that detectives can unravel it. The owner of the stolen vehicle might be innocent, considering the possibility that his car was genuinely stolen and used in the Al-Mutla’a case.

However, there’s also a chance that the car owner was involved and filed a report to avoid punishment. The forensic evidence report and police investigations will play a decisive role. If it is established that the car owner was not complicit in the theft incident, efforts will be intensified to apprehend the actual culprits.

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