Scammer unmasked by alert people in Kuwait

Scammer unmasked by alert people in Kuwait

Masked phone fraudster

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 13: An individual, disguised in a police uniform and wearing a mask, attempted to scam Kuwaiti citizens and expats. The masked imposter utilized Whatsapp video calls to inspect the phones of several individuals, urging them to update their bank information and show their bank cards for inspection. The ulterior motive was to obtain the card numbers and withdraw money from their bank accounts.

In a firm response to the masked imposter, numerous citizens and residents denounced his actions, condemning deceptive practices of that nature. Major General Tawhid Al-Kandari had led an awareness initiative along with Colonel Nasser Abu Salib, which aims to educate the public about fraudulent activities.

The most advisable approach is to avoid engaging with these video calls, as Kuwaiti government ministries do not typically make calls to mobile phones or request the display of bank details. When updates are necessary, banks send official messages instructing individuals to visit the bank in person, rather than providing sensitive information over the phone.

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