90 ATVs seized and 10 people arrested  for illegal activities

90 ATVs seized and 10 people arrested for illegal activities

Jahra security campaign targets residency violations and illegal activities.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: Security forces in Jahra have seized 90 all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and handed them over to Kuwait Municipality, and arrested 10 expatriates violating residence laws and involved in renting out ATVs without a license, face deportation. The arrests were made during an extensive security campaign in Bar Subiya, initiated last Friday and ongoing as per the directives of Major General Abdullah Al-Rujaib, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for the Public Security Sector. The operation, led by Brigadier General Muhammad Taher of the Jahra Security Directorate, collaborated with Special Forces and the Committee for Removing Camps and Violations in Jahra Municipality.

Sources revealed that the campaign aims to curb the rental of buggies, food trucks, and street vendors during the camping season to maintain order, monitor potential issues, and prevent the misuse of state property. Traffic officers and municipality officials issued violations against four illegal resident street vendors, and the confiscated items were handed over to municipal custody.

Security sources emphasized the green light given to security personnel to prevent phenomena that distort Kuwait’s mainland and contribute to pollution due to the accumulation of ATVs. The illegal rental of ATVs, horses that jeopardize people’s lives, will not be tolerated, with no room for leniency or mediation towards those engaging in such actions.

Furthermore, security sources highlighted the serious consequences of illegally renting out ATVs, citing four accidents within 24 hours resulting in two fatalities and two injuries, including a 25-year-old girl transferred to intensive care at Jahra Hospital.

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