Heavy security presence planned in Kuwait for New Year’s safety

Heavy security presence planned in Kuwait for New Year’s safety

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: The Ministry of Interior has prepared a comprehensive plan to maintain security and discipline, and deter any attempt to violate the laws, as per the directives of First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled.

Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security, Traffic, Operations, Correctional Institutions and Judgments Execution Major General Abdullah Al-Rajaib announced that the abovementioned security plan is for the New Year holiday, during which there will be heavy security presence in all locations to take the necessary precautionary measures in order to maintain public order and protect lives and properties. He said: “During the New Year holiday, there will be an emphasis on all elements of the delegated security forces participating in the security plan. They have been instructed to be at their designated stations and carry out their tasks efficiently to ensure the safety of everyone.” He added the total number of security patrols assigned in various governorates reached 310 with around 1,950 security personnel assigned in different parts of the country.

He stressed that like in previous years, the Public Security Affairs Sector assigned security patrols in front of churches and mobile patrols in and near these places. “We have eight churches – two in the Capital Governorate, four in Hawally and two in Ahmadi. These are the focus areas in addition to the chalets, desert, coastal strip, Abdally farms, famous commercial complexes, markets, parks, public gardens and others. We have coordinated with other entities to ensure the safety of everyone. There will be heavy presence of public security, traffic, rescue and investigation patrols in crowded places; in addition to the participation of other agencies, such as medical emergency and Kuwait Municipality that will work according to their capabilities,” he explained.

On instructions for communities and churchgoers, Al-Rajaib explained that the ministry always warns and advises citizens and expatiates to respect the laws and directives of the ministry and other concerned authorities. He said: “Everyone must adhere to public values and morals. They should not deviate from public order and avoid engaging in acts punishable by law in order not to be subjected to various penalties like deportation and imprisonment.”

He added security officers will be stationed in different areas like the chalets, beaches, Subiya, end of Jaber Bridge and desert to prevent the violation of public morals. He said Sabah Al-Ahmad Marine Police Station and Wafra Police Station will also carry out their duties in maintaining security and public order; stressing all the participating security services will conduct inspections to monitor violations or manifestations of violation of public morals. He warned that all those proven to have committed violations will be dealt with as per the law.

About the reckless activities along highways such as Wafra and Salmi, he asserted there will be a strict mechanism to prevent such activities as all the concerned patrols have been instructed to prevent the gatherings of vehicles and individuals who engage in reckless acts that endanger their lives and that of other people. “If any of these reckless people are caught, they will be referred to the concerned authorities, along with their vehicles,” he stressed.

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