Officer Sentenced for Abusing Power and Assaulting Minor

Officer Sentenced for Abusing Power and Assaulting Minor

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 24: The misdemeanor court has decided to sentence a Ministry of Interior officer to two months of imprisonment with hard labor. The charges against the officer include insulting, demeaning, and slapping a minor young man during the national holiday celebration. The incident allegedly occurred under the pretext of the young man violating the law by throwing balloons. The victim’s defense attorney, Hawraa Al-Habib, requested that the investigations consider the audio recording of the patrol. The transcription of the recording reportedly proved that the security officer assaulted the victim.

In its ruling, the Misdemeanor Court emphasized that despite the officer’s affiliation with the military institution, whose members are obligated to uphold the law, he deviated from that responsibility. Instead, the officer shed his normal dress and acted as though he were enforcing the law of the jungle. This, according to the court, reflects a situation where the strong prey on the weak, with the outcome determined by numerical superiority, all while disregarding the provisions of the law.

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