Restaurants in Hawally Under Fire for Selling Rotten Food

Restaurants in Hawally Under Fire for Selling Rotten Food

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 26: Inspection supervisor for Hawally Governorate at the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN) Mohammad Al-Kandari confirmed the closure of nine food establishments proven to have committed various violations. Al-Kandari told the daily that the above-mentioned establishments in the governorate were found to be operating without obtaining a license from the authority, clarifying that reconciliation is not permissible for this violation and those behind the violation were referred to the Public Prosecution.

He said the establishments also sold food items not fit for human consumption; disclosing the inspectors discovered that the natural properties of the food products were altered including the color, shape, and smell. He added the food items were destroyed and a violation report was submitted to the prosecution, citing non-compliance with public sanitation regulations as insects and dirt were found on the floor and walls. He disclosed a food preparation facility that belongs to a restaurant was shut down for selling food not fit for human consumption; indicating that moldy lemons were used for preparing the food. He stressed that among the serious violations that led to the closure of the facility were those considered threats to human health like the sale of food not fir for human consumption. “We found moldy cauliflower, lemon, and many vegetables in the refrigerator; as well as adulterated food, unlabeled food products, including meat and chicken that have been cooked, re-frozen, and packed in non-designated containers.

The fine for this violation could reach KD1,000,” he concluded. On the total number of violations in the first half of December, Al-Kandari revealed that more than 60 violation reports were submitted to the prosecution and 15 establishments were shut down within this period. He went on to explain that the establishments were allowed to open temporarily to address their violations, not to engage in business. He confirmed that the inspectors visited these establishments again to ensure the violations were addressed and then they were allowed to operate again. He pointed out that it is not permissible to issue warnings for such violations, as the protocol is to issue a direct arrest report. He enumerated other violations like the workers handling food without a health certificate from the competent authorities. “In this case, a report is issued against the employee and the employer. Reconciliation is allowed and the specified fine must be paid within 60 days,” he added.

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