6-step vehicle renewal service via ‘Sahel’ app

6-step vehicle renewal service via ‘Sahel’ app

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 28: In a bid to streamline processes and enhance digital services, the Ministry of Interior has unveiled a convenient vehicle renewal service for citizens and residents, accessible through the unified government application “Sahel.” Commencing on January 2nd, this service aims to simplify the vehicle renewal process, offering a 6-step mechanism that eliminates the need for vehicle owners to visit insurance company offices or acquire a paper copy of the ownership booklet.

Furthermore, the Ministry has announced the launch of a vehicle transfer service, scheduled to commence on February 1.

According to a statement from the General Department of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior, the initiative aligns with the directives of the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled. This move reflects the ministry’s commitment to digital transformation and the digitization of services provided to the public.

Outlined below are the 6 steps involved in the vehicle renewal process:

  1. Online Login and Insurance Purchase: Users can log in online to purchase insurance policies, entering vehicle ownership data. The insurance value can be paid for either one or two years, based on the client’s preference.
  2. Approval and Code Confirmation: Approval occurs after determining and paying the insurance policy value. Vehicle owners receive a special code, confirming the validity of the insurance policy.
  3. Technical Inspection: Vehicle owners proceed to the technical inspection departments in the governorates or accredited companies. The inspection, conducted by showing the insurance policy number, ensures the vehicle meets security, durability, and safety standards.
  4. Completion of Procedures: After passing the technical inspection, procedures are finalized through the General Traffic Department’s management system. Vehicle owners receive a text message via the “Sahel” application to notify them of the completion of procedures.
  5. Online Payment of Inspection Fees: Users can pay the technical inspection fees online, amounting to 2 dinars, along with an additional 5 dinars for a stamp.
  6. Logbook Choice: Upon completing the technical inspection and payment, vehicle owners have the option to obtain a paper logbook or a digital copy online, both of which are approved by patrols and security points.

These services are part of the government’s ongoing efforts to alleviate and facilitate public processes, enhancing the overall efficiency of vehicle renewal and transfer procedures.

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