Don’t Panic, JN.1 mutant detected in Kuwait

Don’t Panic, JN.1 mutant detected in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 27: The “JN.1” sub-mutant of the “Corona” virus has been detected in Kuwait, but health sources reassured that it does not cause concern, especially since the emergence of such variants is expected.

The sources indicated that the Ministry of Health provides the updated version of the “Covid” vaccine in 42 health centers, and it covers the dominant strains of the virus, calling for it to be taken especially by the age group over 60 years old, and those with chronic diseases and adult immunodeficiency diseases.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that the “JN.1” variant causes about 20 percent of new “Covid-19” infections in the United States, noting that this strain is the fastest spreading of the virus, and is already prevalent in the northeast of the country. United States of America.

“JN.1” is descended from “BA.2.86”, or “Pirola”, a submutant that caught the world’s attention over the summer, due to the large number of changes that occurred in its spinal proteins.

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