Drug Kingpin Arrested with Hashish of 30 Kilos and 2000 Pills

Drug Kingpin Arrested with Hashish of 30 Kilos and 2000 Pills

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: Continuing their dedication to upholding the law, enhancing security presence, and apprehending criminals involved in illicit activities, the criminal security sector has taken decisive action against drug dealers, promoters, and traffickers to safeguard the community.

In the course of persistent searches and investigations targeting drug dealers, the General Department of Narcotics Control received crucial information regarding the smuggling of narcotics through territorial waters. By intensifying their inquiries and collaborating with the General Administration of the Coast Guard to counteract various smuggling methods, law enforcement successfully apprehended a suspect. Upon inspection, approximately 30 kilograms of narcotic hashish and 2000 Lyrica pills were discovered in his possession. Arrested with the seized items, the accused confessed that they were intended for trafficking. He is now being referred to the appropriate authorities for necessary legal action.

The General Administration of Security Relations and Media underscores that security personnel across all relevant sectors, with the assistance of divine providence, continue their determined efforts to combat drug dealers and thwart all forms of smuggling and promotion. The Ministry urges the public to collaborate with law enforcement by reporting any suspicious activities via the emergency phone (112) or the hotline for the General Administration of Drug Control (1884141).

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