Take lit coal out of tent, turn off generators to avoid fire

Take lit coal out of tent, turn off generators to avoid fire

Brig Al-Ghareeb

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 1: Kuwait Fire Force called on desert-goers to take safety measures during the camping season. In a statement to KUNA on Friday, the force’s head of public relations and media Brigadier Mohammad Al-Ghareeb said that it is necessary to take lit coal out of the tent and turn off generators before sleeping, to avoid fire or suffocation by carbon monoxide. He also called on people to avoid any cracks or holes in the ground, since they can be sheltering insects, rodents, and poisonous reptiles. Moreover, he underlined the need to keep the camping site clean and without dry grass that could easily catch fire. Al-Ghareeb said that desert-goers must refrain from using exposed wires to avoid electric shocks, and should also keep gas cylinders out of the kitchen tent.

Meanwhile, he called for setting tents opposite of the wind direction to avoid flying waste, choosing a higher floor for the campsite to avoid landslides during rain, and leaving a space of no less than six meters between each tent to prevent fire from spreading, should it break out. The Brigadier added that in case of any emergency, people should immediately call the emergency hotline 112. Meanwhile, the Public Relations Department at Kuwait Municipality has announced that the Camps Committee, headed by Faisal Al-Otaibi, approved a recommendation to cancel the camping site’s license and impose fines once violations are uncovered, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to the department, the committee uncovered several violations against the terms and conditions for establishing camping sites; such as unlicensed motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) rentals and mobile grocery stores. The department affirmed that the Municipality is keen on curbing the spread of negative phenomena or anything that contravenes Islamic teachings and the conservative customs and traditions of the country. It then warned that all the necessary legal measures would be taken against anyone proven to have committed violations, including the cancellation of the camp license. (By Abdullah Al-Mesri – KUNA)

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