124 kgs of rotten food destroyed in Kuwait

124 kgs of rotten food destroyed in Kuwait

Abdullah Al-Siddiqi closes a store.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: Abdullah Al-Siddiqi, the inspector of inspection in the Capital Governorate at the Food and Nutrition Public Authority, disclosed that recent tours conducted by inspection teams in Mubarakiya markets revealed multiple violations in the meat, fish, and vegetable sections. The outcome included the issuance of 14 pledge reports and a report detailing the destruction of 124 kilograms of food deemed unfit for consumption. Additionally, three shops in the Shuwaikh Industrial Area were closed during the inspection.

In an exclusive statement to Al-Anbaa, Al-Siddiqi explained that during the inspection of the fish market, a violation report led to the disposal of various fish supplies. These imported goods were deemed unsuitable for human consumption due to evident damage.

The vegetable market also saw violation reports, citing a general cleanliness breach and other infractions related to a worker lacking a health certificate. Meat markets underwent scrutiny to ensure the safety and suitability of the products, with particular attention paid to expiration dates.

Al-Siddiqi emphasized that inspection teams extended their reach to restaurants within Al-Mubarakiya Market, focusing on the safety of food supplies, food preparation areas, and storage spaces. Several observations were noted, particularly regarding the storage of food supplies. He underscored that the primary objective of the inspection tour is to guarantee the safety of food items, ensuring they reach consumers in a healthy and consumable state.

The inspection tours also encompassed the Shuwaikh Industrial Area, where three commercial stores were closed due to a lack of a health license, signifying unauthorized operation without approval from the competent authorities.

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