Kuwait’s Jleeb ‘plot 4’ residents want an escape from ‘hell-hole’

Kuwait’s Jleeb ‘plot 4’ residents want an escape from ‘hell-hole’

Sewage water puddles, too many singles, cars, and crime makes Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh unlivable

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: Government housing owners in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh’s “Plot 4,” are voicing their distress over the challenges posed by the presence of single individuals loitering in and out of the vicinity. Several residents shared their grievances, shedding light on issues such as crowded streets, broken infrastructure, and an abundance of grocery stores, leading them to call for urgent action and potential relocation to another area. Muhammad Al-Mutairi highlighted the daily struggles faced by the residents, emphasizing the narrow entrances and exits causing congestion, especially during the morning rush. Despite repeated appeals to the Ministry of Works for expansion, there has been no tangible improvement. Youssef Al-Anzi expressed concern over the transformation of the area into a hub for Asian families and singles. He pointed out the proliferation of grocery stores in violation of residential regulations, along with reports of illicit activities such as the operation of makeshift restaurants and potential drug-related issues. Al-Anzi urged authorities to relocate these individuals, citing the negative impact on the community.

Citizen Bufaisal drew attention to the deteriorating condition of the streets in Plot 4, attributing the problem to the neglect of official authorities. He noted the prevalence of potholes and speed bumps, creating hazardous conditions for both pedestrians and drivers. Additionally, he lamented the increasing number of single individuals occupying housing originally designated for citizens. Muhammad Al-Kandari questioned the lack of action by the Ministry of Public Works in addressing the disrepair of sidewalk tiles. He highlighted the presence of loose labor roaming the streets day and night, causing disturbances and instilling fear among children.

Al-Kandari also expressed concerns about the area’s negative reputation and the inconvenience faced by residents. Citizen Bou Abdullah called for the relocation of singles from the area, emphasizing the discomfort felt by many Kuwaiti families due to the presence of singles loitering. He urged authorities to prioritize the protection of Kuwaiti families from potential threats to their stability. Burashid raised concerns about abandoned cars cluttering the streets, mostly belonging to singles or non-Kuwaiti families. He criticized the lack of action by competent authorities to remove these vehicles, turning them into havens for stray animals and sources of environmental degradation.

Burashid also highlighted the issues with expatriate workers crowding around association branches and ATMs. In conclusion, the residents of Plot 4 in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh are making several demands, including the relocation of the area to a more suitable location, intensified inspection campaigns on homes rented to singles, the removal of abandoned cars, and increased security efforts to address illicit activities in the community. The population statistics underline the urgency of addressing these concerns for the overall well-being of the residents.

By Najeh Bilal
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

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