Preparations complete: 12th Grade exams set to commence Sunday

Preparations complete: 12th Grade exams set to commence Sunday

43,370 students to sit for 12th Grade exams following the Education Ministry’s prep.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: On this Saturday, the Ministry of Education has affirmed the completion of all necessary preparations and arrangements to receive 12th-grade students in both the scientific and literary sections who are slated to undertake examinations at the culmination of the first academic period on the following day, Sunday.

The official spokesperson for the ministry, Ahmed Al-Wahida, conveyed in a press statement that the total count of students set to participate in the first semester exams encompasses 43,370 individuals. Among them, 27,540 students belong to the scientific section, 15,006 to the literary section, and 824 male and female students are applicants for religious education.

Al-Wahida emphasized that the ministry actively disseminates daily awareness messages, forming part of the “We Strive with Our Knowledge” campaign. This initiative, extending until the conclusion of the exams, delivers general technical guidance for various academic subjects.

These messages encompass invaluable advice, directions, and guidance on effective study methods and learning resources for each subject in the curriculum. The primary objective is to instill awareness among students, assisting them in educational and psychological preparation for the exams. The guidance also aims to steer students towards proper study techniques, fostering a positive mindset, and ensuring adherence to rules and regulations throughout the examination period.

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