Court of Appeal rejects 33,000 dinar obligation for doctor

Court of Appeal rejects 33,000 dinar obligation for doctor

Appeals Court overturns arbitration decision in doctor’s favor.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: In a recent legal development, the Court of Appeal has rendered a decision to overturn an appealed ruling and, in turn, invalidated an arbitration decision that obligated a doctor to pay approximately 30,000 dinars in attorney fees and 3,000 dinars in compensation for damages.

The legal dispute arose when the doctor contested an arbitration ruling that mandated the mentioned payment, stemming from a lapsed annual subscription fee contract with his former lawyer. The doctor had initially engaged in an annual contract with his lawyer for consulting and litigation services. After the year, the lawyer requested an increase in the contract’s value, a proposal the doctor declined. Subsequently, the lawyer resigned from the agency and initiated arbitration proceedings against the doctor, citing dismissal and demanding the full value of the contract along with compensation.

In response, the doctor’s legal representative argued in court that the lawyer’s fees should be commensurate with the effort expended, emphasizing the implausibility of the former lawyer receiving payment without fulfilling the work and resigning voluntarily. The defense underscored the unique nature and legal specificity of arbitration awards, noting that the law mandated specific conditions for their validity, which were allegedly not met in this case.

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