Late Winter Warmth: Embrace Outdoor Adventures in the Unusual Climate

Late Winter Warmth: Embrace Outdoor Adventures in the Unusual Climate

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8: Several astronomers, meteorologists, and weather experts have confirmed that the winter season this year is warm, while the expected amount of rain is normal and that this weather is very suitable for camping; adding the weather in the holy month of Ramadan will be moderate, reports Al-Anba daily. Director of the Meteorology Department at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi revealed that the weather forecasts this winter indicate that temperatures are higher than normal, so this year’s winter is warm compared to last year. He said “It has been observed that the temperature has increased.

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Nevertheless, this does not prevent the presence of some cold air masses that will affect the country and the region in general, especially at the end of January and the beginning of February. This will lead to a drop in temperatures. We are still in the rainy season, which extends until May 31. The forecasts are not clear for the next five days and the chances of rain this year will be normal.

The amount of rain during 2023 was less than the previously recorded rates. It is expected that in 2024, the amount of rain will be lower.” Asked about the temperatures this summer, he explained the seasonal forecast is for three months and it is difficult to predict that, but it is expected that it will be within the normal rates for each year. He said the density of dust depends on the summer weather systems, the extent of their depth, and the lack of rain in the surrounding area in general, such as the Iraqi desert, which is considered a major source of dust in Kuwait, as well as the vegetation cover if the area is small and this also coincides with the deepening of the Indian monsoon. President of the Astronomical Society Adel Al-Sa’adoun pointed out that based on the climatic history of Kuwait, the usual weather from Dec 7 until the end of the month is cold. He pointed out it has been observed at the beginning of January that the weather is warm, indicating this is a result of global warming. He was quick to clarify that there is still a chance for “cold,” especially in the next 10 days.

He said, “this is called ‘Shabat’ and the temperatures may not reach zero, but the weather will be cold”. Regarding the possibility of rainfall, he stated that rain is not expected in the next four days or more. He cited data from the Meteorological Department, indicating there is no rain during this period while not discounting the possibility of light rain based on the cloud formations. Meteorologist Fahd Al-Otaibi pointed out that the winter season usually starts from Dec 22 and ends on March 21. He disclosed the cold waves come in winter as the European high brings a cold air mass from central and southern Europe or the Siberian high, which is accompanied by a very cold air mass. He said the presence of a deep surface depression between the two air highs led to a delay in Kuwait being affected by one of the cold air masses. Al-Otaibi stated that the Kuwaiti winter is usually cold during the day and very cold at night after mid-January due to the influence of the European or Siberian high. He added the rains will be light to moderate due to the country being affected by a low pressure extending in the East of the Mediterranean Sea.

Regarding spring and the transitional period from March 22 to June 21, he said: “Kuwait is affected by the Sudan seasonal low, and there are sudden weather fluctuations — whether dust storms, thunderstorms and high wind speeds that could stir up local dust or dust coming from outside. He stated that rainfall helps stabilize the soil and reduce the density of dust, especially local dust. During winter, cold waves will pass and temperatures may reach three degrees Celsius, and next summer is expected to be very hot, he added.

On the weather during Ramadan, he affirmed it will be moderate, God willing, especially at night and in the morning, as it coincides with the Sarayat period. He said it is expected that there will be dust and chances of rainfall that will continue until spring, reiterating that there will be no cold waves in January and February.

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