Car Rental Firm Shut Down Over Allegations of Contract Manipulation

Car Rental Firm Shut Down Over Allegations of Contract Manipulation

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8:  The Ministry of Commerce and Industry inspectors have taken decisive action against a car rental company, shutting down its operations and referring its officials for prosecution. The company is accused of engaging in suspected manipulation of contracts that affected a significant number of its customers.

According to insider information, the Ministry received several complaints from citizens who claimed to have fallen victim to contractual fraud perpetrated by the car rental company. The allegations include the company’s failure to pay legitimate dues and its manipulation of price accuracy in contracts. Reportedly, customers were convinced to acquire cars at a specified rental rate, only to discover that the company had inflated values in its contracts for internal accounting purposes.

Sources revealed that customers, upon realizing the manipulation, insisted on payment based on the initially agreed-upon verbal value. Despite signing rental contracts with the originally agreed-upon amount, customers were later taken aback by lawsuits alleging non-payment of the remaining dues. It emerged that the amount paid was considered by the car rental company as a partial installment, not the total sum agreed upon in the contract.

Confronted about these discrepancies, the company maintained that it adhered to the accounting value stipulated in the contracts and refused to recognize the full value agreed upon verbally. The company denied the validity of oral agreements with customers, prompting disgruntled tenants to file complaints with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, alleging they had been deceived through contractual fraud.

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