Kuwaiti Businessman Exonerated in London Real Estate Fraud Trial

Kuwaiti Businessman Exonerated in London Real Estate Fraud Trial

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 9: The Misdemeanor Circuit of the High Court acquitted a businessman who was accused of real estate fraud by defrauding a Kuwaiti citizen over real estate projects in the British capital, London. The defendant was referred to trial for deceiving the victim to cause him to make a mistake to force him to hand over the money in his possession using fraudulent methods by selling him a piece of land. This enabled him to seize those amounts based on that illusion. The defense counsel representing the defendant, lawyer Abdul Mohsen Al-Qattan, said the elements of the crime of fraud and civil conflict were absent. He also highlighted the laxity and delay in reporting, adding that the documents lacked evidence with which the incident could be attributed to the accused.

Al-Qattan said, “It is known in jurisprudence that the basis of the crime of fraud, to have its financial element, requires the existence of fraudulent means taken by the accused that affected the victim and led him to carry out the illusion of a false project or profit that does not exist, resulting in the seizure of his money. The legislator has specified the manifestations of fraud in matters which some include impersonating a false identity, seeking the help of someone else to support his false allegations, submitting false papers to seize money, or other deceptive means taken by the perpetrator to deceive the victim, provided that they are so serious as to deceive him.”

By Jaber Al-Humoud
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

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