1,470 Expats Deported From Kuwait in 11 Days

1,470 Expats Deported From Kuwait in 11 Days

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 13: The deportation center has persisted in repatriating individuals referred to it from various ministry sectors to their respective countries, completing deportation procedures for 1,470 violators within 11 days. A security insider informed Al-Seyassah / Arab Times that all branches of the Ministry of Interior are actively engaged in apprehending individuals violating the Residency and Employment Law.

Emphasizing the ongoing and future security campaigns, the source affirmed their commitment to maintaining and extending these efforts across all regions to target a larger cohort of Residency and Employment Law violators. The source disclosed that the Residency Affairs Investigation Department, in the past ten days alone, managed to apprehend approximately 700 violators of the Residency and Loose Labor Law through targeted security operations in various areas.

Additionally, the Ministry of Interior has issued directives to curb the number of violators, exceeding 40,000 during the new year, mirroring the approach from the previous year when the count reached 42,850 violators. This figure represents a record number in the history of apprehending and deporting violators from the country.

Munif Naif
Al Seyassah / Arab Times

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