Vital steps taken for food security

Vital steps taken for food security

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has instituted several vital measures to protect the nation’s food security, including the prohibition of egg and meat exports, and the restriction on slaughtering female livestock, reports Al-Anba daily. These actions come in response to escalating geopolitical tensions in the Red Sea region and the Bab al-Mandab Strait, causing disruptions in global trade movements and supply chains. The resulting uncertainty poses a threat to potential increases in commodity prices and global inflation rates.

According to a survey conducted by the daily among industry experts, these measures are considered beneficial for Kuwaiti consumers, especially given the surge in maritime shipping costs. However, experts argue that for long-term effectiveness, these decisions must be accompanied by more comprehensive steps aimed at securing citizens’ nutritional needs through an integrated legislative and decision-making framework. Experts noted that many countries in the region have proactively taken measures, such as acquiring substantial agricultural lands abroad and obtaining stakes in international food companies.

This strategic approach has transformed these nations into exporters of various food commodities to regional countries. Mansour Al-Nazhan, Director of the Commercial Control Department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, emphasized that these decisions were carefully crafted after thorough field monitoring of the local market. The goal behind measures like banning meat exports, preventing the slaughter of female livestock, and restricting egg exports is to uphold the country’s food security, especially given the rapid political changes and events in the region affecting transportation and trade.

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