Arab doctor’s astonishing tale of identity theft and gender change exposed at Kuwait airport

Arab doctor’s astonishing tale of identity theft and gender change exposed at Kuwait airport

The unbelievable tale unfolds as an Arab doctor’s deceptive transformation is exposed at Kuwait Airport.

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: In a surreal turn of events that proves the adage, “You will not be able to fool all of the people all of the time,” a shocking story has come to light involving an Arab doctor who underwent a complete sex change operation to assume a male identity. The plot thickens as the doctor not only alters her gender but goes to extensive lengths to impersonate a citizen who frequented her clinic in her home country, exploiting his passport on numerous occasions until her true identity was uncovered by a vigilant passport employee at a Kuwait airport.

The narrative begins with a citizen seeking medical treatment in an Arab country, where he encountered a treating doctor who had successfully transitioned from female to male. Unbeknownst to the patient, the doctor had undergone plastic surgery to resemble him closely. The astonishing revelation didn’t end there, as the doctor took the deception further by using the patient’s passport and documents to enter Kuwait and other countries, successfully assuming the citizen’s identity multiple times.

According to sources informed by Al-Rai, a Kuwaiti news outlet, suspicions arose during one of the doctor’s visits to Kuwait when a passport employee noticed disparities between the photos in the passport and the individual presenting it. When questioned about his identity, the imposter exhibited signs of confusion but insisted he was the legitimate passport holder. This raised red flags, prompting the employee to escalate the matter to airport detectives.

A security source disclosed, “During the investigation, the hidden truth emerged, revealing that the person in question was a doctor who underwent a sex change, adopted male features through hormonal treatments, and even grew a beard. Exploiting the patient’s striking resemblance, she used his passport for her travels.” Subsequently, the case was referred to the General Department of Criminal Investigation and later to forensic medicine to conduct thorough investigations into charges of forgery and impersonation, as well as to determine the doctor’s actual gender.

In a surprising twist, the security source revealed, “Investigations will extend to the Arab country of the accused in coordination with local authorities, focusing on the citizen whose passport was exploited. This aims to unravel the circumstances surrounding this bizarre case of deception.” As authorities on multiple fronts collaborate, the story unfolds, underscoring the complexities and intrigue surrounding the enigmatic Arab doctor and her audacious impersonation.

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